Vote Ngor For Junior Senator

17916498_1467582419959498_1797530312_oHi, my name is Ngor, and I’m excited to represent the Class of 2019. Here on campus, I co-founded Project Pengyou, an organization that aims to fight bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred by humanizing people’s experiences, and to move away from these divisive conversations and move towards a deeper understanding between the American and Chinese cultures. I value having voices of unity and passing mic to those who are silenced voluntarily or involuntarily. These visions are at the root of who I am and my actions here at Middlebury. I helped start the first organized demonstration of this generation at Middlebury College to provide a platform for people to stand in solidarity with their marginalized peers.


In retrospect of the divisiveness and the fear from the marginalized groups on campus, you are probably as frustrated as I am, especially by not knowing what decisions were made by the SGA and the administration. My goal is to make SGA and the administration more transparent. I hope to be the bridge between my constituency and the bureaucratic bodies. This entails frequent updates on the statuses of bills and motions being debated and passed in the SGA, Faculty Council, and Senior Leadership Group. I seek to provide you more opportunities and options to show dissent or support if necessary.

I am a woman of color, an immigrant, an American, a student on financial aid, and a first-generation student. I have many conversations with members in this community who are expressing frustration over the lack of inclusivity and diversity. As your senator, I will not take “life is hard, so deal with it” as an answer. I am committed to fighting to create more options for those who are at a disadvantage, ranging from laundry to inclusivity in classrooms, clubs, sports, and other community spaces. When elected, I will fight to continue both the online and offline platforms that allow the voice of the marginalized and dissidents to be heard. When elected, I will make campus resources more accessible to low-income students. Finally, when elected, I hope to make it easier for faculty, staff, students in all classes, and the administrators to have productive conversations in order to bridge the gap and restore unity and trust on this campus.

The future of this institution lies in the hands of those who care.

Vote for Ngor! Your voices will not be ig(ngor)ed!


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